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Please Read!

Music We Accept+

We accept hip-hop, rap, pop, and other associated genres. Instrumentals allowed.

Your song must:

  • Not have been released by another label

  • Be original (no remixes or use of other songs)

  • Your song can either be unreleased or previously uploaded by the artist without a label

  • Your song must be completely finished and ready for release in the case you’re accepted

  • Your artist name must not be taken by someone who has already released their music on a record label

  • You must have permission or own all samples, beats, and other elements in your song

Does my Song need to Be Mastered to Submit?+

Nope! You can submit your unmastered song if you wish. If you're approved for release, we will offer our professional mastering service (We must master your unmastered song in order to release it).

I Don't Own the Beat/I Have Uncleared Samples. What do I do?+

We recommend you clear samples in your song and ensure you are able to use the beat for commercial use.

Here's how you can clear samples/use the beat:

  • Review your Beat's license to see if you can use it for release.
  • Come to an agreement with the producer to either own the beat or share profits with him. Get his permission.
  • If you're able to come to an agreement/have permission to use the beat and samples in your song, you're good to go!

Psst: If you aren't sure if you have rights to the beat/sample we can still release your song, just know that you're liable to any copyright claims made against your song!

Accepted Song Format+

We only accept demos through Soundcloud, do NOT send us audio files.

If the song you’re submitting has already been uploaded on Soundcloud, send us that Soundcloud link in the form above.

If the song you’re submitting is unreleased, upload the song to Soundcloud as private, and send us the private link in the form above.

Extra Information+

  • Please submit only one song to us and wait for a reply from us. If you’ve been declined, feel free to submit another song to us.

  • Not sure what kind of music we accept? Visit our Soundcloud to see what we’re looking for.

  • Please allow a couple days for us to email you our response. Keep an eye out.

  • Got any other questions? Contact us

Do You Accept Album/EP/Mixtapes for Release?+

Yes! Submit the link to your album (or to one song on your album/mixtape/EP above) and we'll decide if we'd like to release your Album/EP/Misxtape on our label.

why release with us?

we got you covered.

-We make your cover art

-Choose your Royalty percentage

-Copyright protection for your release

-Access to our network of connections

-Access to our artist-only account to access perks

-Marketing including Soundcloud promo, Spotify promo

-Distribution to hundreds of stores & platforms