Common questions

If you’re looking to get signed:

What Are the Requirements for My Song?+

We accept hip-hop, rap, pop, and other associated genres. Instrumentals allowed.

Your song must:

  • Not have been released by another label

  • Be original (no remixes or use of other songs)

  • Your song can either be unreleased or previously uploaded by the artist without a label

  • Your song must be completely finished and ready for release in the case you’re accepted.

  • Your artist name must not be taken by someone who has already released their music on a record label.

I Don't Own the Beat/I Have Uncleared Samples. What do I do?+

We recommend you clear samples in your song and ensure you are able to use the beat for commercial use if you want to release with us.

Here's how you can make sure you can submit your song:

  • Review your Beat's license to see if you can use it for release.
  • Come to an agreement with the producer to either own the beat or share profits with him. Get his permission.
  • If you're able to come to an agreement/have permission to use the beat and samples in your song, you're good to go!

Psst: If you aren't sure if you have rights to the beat/sample we can still release your song, just know that you're liable to any copyright claims made against your song!

Can I release an Album/EP/Mixtape?+

For sure! If you're approved for release, you can configure your album release here:

Does my Song need to Be Mastered to Submit?+

Nope! You can submit your unmastered song if you wish. If you're approved for release, we will offer our professional mastering service (We must master your unmastered song in order to release it).

What Are the Benefits of Getting Signed?+

By releasing your song on our label, we will distribute your music on hundreds of music stores worldwide, get you on Spotify and Apple Music (giving you the opportunity to make money from your music), as well as providing you with our industry-standard marketing campaigns.

Not to mention, working with us will provide you with plenty of opportunities in the future!

What Platforms will my music be on?+

We release your music on over 300 music streaming services and stores, including Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Shazam, Amazon, and more.

Who Owns The Rights To MY Music?+

Like all record labels, we will have rights to your song in order to be able to distribute and monetize it on music stores for you. We also have rights to your song in order to legally protect it from copyright infringements. More information in the release agreement (if you have one).

Will I get paid?+

Yes! If your song generates revenue through sales or streams, you will earn your respective percentage of earnings. You can choose what percentage of revenues you keep when configuring your release.

Will My Track Be Promoted?+

When releasing with us, you can decide how you want us to promote your song. This can include Soundcloud promotion as well as blog promotion. Choose the way we promote you when configuring your release!

Does Boost Recs Protect My Track?+

Yes! We are able to to make sure if anyone uses your music in a video, they will not be able to make money from your song released with us!

Can I have uncleared samples in my songs?+

No, we do not tolerate or agree with the use of copyrighted material in tracks we release. Please ensure you have permission to use all the elements in your music.

If You’re getting Signed:

How do I sign an agreement?+

Watch our tutorial if you need help e-signing a Boost Recordings agreement.

What Is The Initial Agreement We Send You?+

Watch this video to learn what everything in the initial release agreement means. The initial agreement is not the final contract (you'll be receiving that after configuring your campaign). Signing the initial agreement lets us know you're committed to proceeding with the release process, and you're ready to get your song released by us.

What is The Management Advance?+

The management advance is mandatory in order to release on Boost Recordings. It gives you all the essentials - a dedicated manager overseeing your release, distribution, copyrights, marketing, and more. See full information here.

How do Royalties Work?+

After configuring your campaign, you'll receive the full contract that will provide your royalty information. When configuring your release, you can choose to keep 50%, 75%, 85% or 95% of all revenue generated by your song.

Whenever the amount of royalties accumulated payable to you amounts to $50 USD, we will notify you and send you your payment.

How do I get Paid?+

Once the accumulated royalties amounts to $50 USD payable to you, we will contact you and we will arrange a means of sending payment in whichever way is most convenient for you.

How much time does it take to get My Music Is On Stores?+

After your song gets signed with us, we work with our distributors to get your music on hundreds of platforms. It takes 2-4 weeks to show up on every single store. (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc...) We do everything for you regarding this.

If my song is already on stores, can I release it with Boost Recs?+

No, if your track is already on stores such as spotify, apple music etc... we are not able to release that particular song with you. All songs must be unreleased on stores.

Can I put my track on my own SoundCloud?+

Since we're giving you the opportunity to monetize your song on Soundcloud through Soundcloud GO, we will be uploading the song for you.

Can I upgrade my release after I already configured my release?+

Certainly! You can upgrade aspects like your cover art, blog promo, and audio mastering (if you forgot to get that). Click here to upgrade your release.

Other questions

Can I call you?+

We do not have a public number, though if you cannot find the answers to your questions in this FAQ, please reach out to us at

What is Your Policy on Refunds?+

Please visit our terms of service for information regardings refunds.

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